MyCarInfo makes things simple for you by making sure you have everything you need to know. Now you get to enjoy peace of mind when purchasing or selling a vehicle and when you’re looking for insurance information.

MyCarInfo is a one-stop site that furnishes you with information about your vehicle. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, we can help you find out its true value. Find out whether it has been in a total loss accident or if it’s a stolen vehicle, it’s NCD information, or even the type of insurance it was on using a variety of tools and services right here on this website.

MyCarInfo took shape in 2013 and is an initiative brought by ISM Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad. ISM started MyCarInfo with the objective of sharing vehicle information from its extensive and comprehensive database to the public through a consumer website.

ISM Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad was incorporated in 2005 to provide infrastructure of databases and analytics for the Insurance and Takaful Market in Malaysia. The services provided on MyCarInfo stems from ISM’s advance systems and databases through business intelligence and analytics into these data such as Centralized NCD System, Motor Anti-Fraud Register (MAFR), and Automotive Business Intelligence (ABI) database. The combination of these systems helps provide a holistic view of the automotive insurance market in Malaysia.