National Vehicle Identification Code interprets into NVIC is an exclusive code to the particular vehicle. It is an internally developed code. It simplifies the whole description of the vehicle into six digits and remains with the vehicle throughout its lifespan. NVIC’s are then used to identify accurate vehicle information such as New Price, Market Value, Specifications and Standard Features.

Vehicle Details

Contains the year of manufacture and vehicle make & model.


Contains information on vehicle variant, style, engine CC and transmission which are normally not found in your regular Vehicle Registration card.

Fuel Consumption

Refers to the liters of fuel consumed for the vehicle to travel every 100 kilometers.

Market value

Reflects the market value of an averaged condition vehicle with the elimination of the profit margin (price advertised). The market value provides a benchmark of the current value of the vehicle and should not be treated as the actual value as the value would vary depending on the condition of the vehicle. It is not the value of every single vehicle for the reason that every vehicle has distinct differentiations in standards and quality at the time of trading and may differ in various circumstances

New Nett Selling Price

Reflects recommended nett price by dealer/franchise excluding insurance and other miscellaneous charges.

Trade-in value

Price quoted by a broker/ merchant who normally purchases the vehicle with the intention to resell it. The price quoted on this website is just an indicative value on what to reasonably expect to obtain from a vehicle dealer as a trade-in for your vehicle depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Vehicle Specification

Refers to the description of engine, requirements, and dimensions of the vehicle.

Vehicle Standard Equipment

Refers to equipments or fitting which comes with the vehicle as factory fitted at no additional cost.

Extra Features

Additional fittings or accessories which are added after the purchase of the vehicle (e.g. tint, GPS navigation, body kit).

Order History

Generate Usage report for a period

Transaction History

Business activity instructed by user

Total Loss

When the cost to return a vehicle to its pre-loss condition is greater than the value of the vehicle / when a vehicle’s repair cost exceeds a certain percentage (e.g 80%) of the vehicle’s value.


In the event of the insured vehicle being declared stolen by the said insurer.