What is I-Search?

If you're buying/selling a vehicle or looking to transfer to a different insurer, I-Search is a quick tool you can use to seek information on current and past insurers of a car. Find out the insurer, type of coverage, policy period and more with just a few clicks below.

To find out information about current and past insurers of the vehicle, you may use either the Basic or Comprehensive Plan. Kindly refer to the table below to learn more..

Note: You will need your vehicle registration number to utilise this service.

  • Plans


  • Free

    0 Credit for vehicle
    • Policy information of current insurer.
    • Know your insurer, type of cover & policy period.
  • Comprehensive

    1 Credit for vehicle
    Credit Packages Plan
    • Policy information of current and past insurers for the past 3 years.
    • Email/download I-search report.
    • Sample report