What is Vehicle Check?

When buying a used vehicle, it's important to know that vehicle's history. If you don't run a vehicle history report for the vehicle, you won't know if it is a stolen vehicle or an accident (total loss) has been reported on that vehicle.

As such we have developed a database which contains details of stolen and total loss vehicles as reported by insurance companies and takaful operators.

Note: You will need the vehicle's chassis number in order to utilise this service.

  • Plans


  • Free

    0 Credit for vehicle
    • Records on type of loss (stolen/total loss).
  • Comprehensive

    1 Credit for vehicle
    Credit Packages Plan
    • Records on type of loss (stolen/total loss).
    • Information of insurer at time of accident.
    • Policy effective date and date of loss.
    • Email/download Vehicle Check report.
    • Sample report